If mindfulness is the core practice for being present in the mind, then the core practice for being present in the body is centering




    You Have 5 Centers - One In Each Of Your 5 Bodies: Physical, Intellectual, Energetic, Emotional, Archetypal

    A woman lying on her back on a beach with her feet pointing straight up. Another woman is balancing with her Physical Center on top of the first woman's feet. An arrow is pointing to her Physical Center.


    Your Physical Body has a Physical Center of Gravity located approximately 3 fingers below your belly button. This is where you would naturally balance if someone held you up by your hip bones. Your Physical Center is located halfway back in your abdomen, behind where your belt-buckle would be, and it does not move around. Athletes, gymnasts, dancers, and martial artists come to experience the importance of putting their Energetic Center on their Physical Penter to Become Centered. But as soon as you ask one of them on a date or if they talk to their mother, they probably give their Energetic Center of Being away instantly away and become childish, emotional, numb, adaptive, or wiggly.

    A copy of The Thinker with an arrow labelled Intellectual Center pointing to his head.


    Since childhood and school you have been hammered into Verbal Reality, where words prevail. This means that once you find a word for something you know its category. Then your experience of the thing disappears and all you have is the concept of the thing. School empowers your Intellectual Body horrendously at the expense of perceiving through and training your other 4 bodies. Without being aware that your friends and colleagues are afflicted with the same distortion you adopt 'knowing' as your highest value, and live in an intellectual desert with at best, Intellectual Intimacy.

    A man standing on a meadow, spreading his arms and looking up at the sky. An arrow with the words Emotional Cnter points to the middle of his chest.


    Because of school's focus on remembering facts, understanding information, and the logical thinking of Verbal Reality, the intelligence of your Emotional Center has been relegated either to childhood or to dangerous insanity. Recent research has shown that the heart is made up of nearly half brain-like nerve cells. When you memorize things by heart, you know that your heart is your second brain and that your heart can think and speak in addition to experiencing and expressing valuable feelings. Your Emotional Center has both feelings and emotions and is an immense source of energy and information for living your life and delivering your Archetypal Lineage.

    The shape of a body, surrounded by billowing light. An arrow with the words Energetic Center is pointing to a circle right outside the body shape.


    Your Energetic Center is mobile. It can mover around. It either moves around consciously, or unconsciously. That would be up to you. If you give your Energetic Center to another person then you give away your authority, your ability to make decisions, to create, to take action, to ask dangerous questions, to hold and navigate space, to be present as yourself, and so on. This is a lot to give away. Why would you do it? To be safe. Why do you think you are safe if you give your center away? Because you think that if you are not dangerous, someone else will take care of you. Is this true? I don't think so. No one can take your Energetic Center away. If someone else has your center, if you are being adaptive and small, you gave your Energetic Center away. You can give your Energetic Center away to anything. I have seen people give their Energetic Center to the Television, to their children, even to their dog. The real question here is: can you keep your Energetic Center and not give it away to anything? We will see...

    The shape of a body holding her arms straight to the side, her head tilted slightly back and her head and chest pulling upwards. Her shape is surrounded by cackling blue-white light that's radiating out as lightning in several places.


    Your Archetypal Center is the Energetic Center of your Archetypal Body. It activates when your your other four bodies come online in your awareness and when you develop more sensitive navigation skills. Your Archetypal Center is in your Archetypal Lineage, but it is also in your 4 bodies when you are in service to your Archetypal Lineage, and also in the space that you are working in when serving your Archetypal Lineage, and also in the work you are doing. Before you have jacked-in to your Archetypal Lineage it is not much worth trying to figure all this out. After you jack-in to your Archetypal Lineage you figure it out all by yourself.



    Being centered is a sensation, not a concept. Being centered is the sensation that you experience when you put your energetic center on your physical center (your center of gravity).


    From your energetic center comes your power:

    - to say yes or no or stop

    - of your own real voice, ideas and dreams

    - to choose, ask and declare

    - to move

    - to sense

    - to observe

    - to question

    - to make true offers

    - to connect


    Being centered is the sensation when you stand in your own power. When you do not give you power/center away to authority figures.

    Women in a patriarchy are taught to give their center away to men authority figures, especially their father.

    Men in a patriarchy are taught to give their center away to other men who seem more powerful - who in reality are more numb - or to their mother.


    You can also give your center away to ideas, or to the future or to the past but where does modern culture train us to put our center? Have you been to school? What do they teach us in school? Learn, memorize, solve problems, and regurgitate it all on paper on the test. Modern culture trains us to put our center in our mind. When our center is in our mind, the only thing that we can express and experience is our mind: meaning, ideas, concepts, arguments, logic, reasons, etc... Boring! Expression of life limited to the possibilities of your mind is linear, logical and somewhat dead and so are your relationships.

    (SPARK013) SPARK 13 - You can responsibly choose, declare, and ask best when you are centered.

    Download here.


    You can do this.



    Use Your Attention to find out where your Energetic Center is. How do you do this? You look for what you have been doing with it. What you have been doing may be habitually giving your Energetic Center away to external authority figures. Then you can avoid being seen as a threat. You delude yourself into thinking you can avoid being responsible.

    Wake yourself up. You live in a responsible universe. Responsibility cannot be avoided. What are you doing with your Energetic Center? Find it. Put your attention on it. Keep your attention on your Energetic Center. Go to Step 2.



    Noticing what you are up to gives you clues about where your Center is.

    -If you wonder what people might think of you, your center is with those people and you are Being Adaptive. Take your Center and Authority back from them.

    - If you think about where your center is, your center is your mind.

    Put your energetic center on your physical center.

    - If you are arguing in your head with someone, your center is with them. Get their energy out of Your Bubble of Space. Shoot the voices with your Voice Blaster.

    - If you are planning a future conversation, your center is in the future. Bring your Center into a Minimized NOW.

    - If you keep reliving a past conversation, your center is in the past. Go through the Emotional Healing Process and bring your Center into a Minimized NOW.

    - If you think someone is persecuting you, then Your Gremlin has brought you into a Low Drama. Tell your Gremlin to "Sit!" Who your Gremlin blames, you empower.



    Use your intention to move your Energetic Center on your Physical Center. This is not done with imagination but with your intention. You set your intention to be centered. It could help to put your hands on your physical center (in between your hipbones and halfway between your belly and your back). When you are centered, stay there. Experience the sensation of being centered. Do not think about the experience, just have the experience.

    When you do that, you have the experience of Being Centered.



    Keep a Part (1-10%) of Your Attention to keep your Energetic Center on your Physical Center. And move from your Energetic Center.

    Learn to say No and Stop from your center, learn to say Yes from your center, learn to say what you want from your center (and not what TV wants, or what school taught you to want), learn to express what you sense and feel, learn to move without words, learn to touch without reason,...


    Grounding Cord

    When you are centered, declare energetically your Grounding Cord that is a 10cm diameter cord linking your Energetic Center to the Center of Gaia. You are then grounded.


    Bubble of Personal Space

    When you are centered and you declared your grounding cord, declare your Personal Bubble of Space. This is your space, no one can enter it without your permission. You are then bubbled.


    Sword Out

    To keep your center, grounding cord and bubble, you need your Sword of Clarity out all the time - day or night, work or at home, with your loved one and your enemies.


    Being Centered is not an achievement, it is a daily practice

    A room with several people practicing to balance a chair on one of its legs on their hand.

    BCENTERD.02: Find Your Balance

    The city centre of a big city, with skyscrapers, hundreds of people and cars and huge colourful billboards

    BCENTERD.03: Keep Your Center From Advertisement

    Go to a grocery store or shop and give your Centre away to the product in every advertisement, as if you HAVE to buy the things.


    Notice what emotions come up.

    Why do you feel scared when you look at the advertisement about this product?

    Why do you feel joy when you look at the advertisement about that product?

    A room full of people watching a screen in the front at a cinema.

    BCENTERD.04: Don't Watch the Film

    Go to the cinema to watch a film. Sit in the back half and don't pay attention to what's going on on the screen. Stay Centred and observe the people around you while they watch the film. Pay attention to how they give their Centre away to it. Each time you notice that you "snapped into" the story, remember you are sitting in a cinema and use your attention and intention to move your Energetic Centre back to your Physical Centre. Do this the whole length of the film.

    BCENTERD.05: Use a Rock to Help You Find and Keep Your Center

    Carry a rock that is strapped to your body where your Center is. Let it remind you where your center is.


    The first of the 13 Tools, the Belt Buckle also works.

    BCENTERD.06: Learn to Juggle

    Learn how to juggle at least three things at once.


    Notice what this has to do with Being Centered.

    BCENTERD.07: Keep Your Center From a Rock You are Carrying

    Get a lemon sized rock and carry it around with you in the same way the Mandalorian carries Baby Yoda around.


    Don't give your Center to the rock.


    People will ask, "What are you doing with the rock?"


    Say "What rock? Hey, I am not giving my Center to this rock, it's just a burden. I suggest you don't give your Center to it either."


    Explain that it is Experiment BCENTERD.07 in the StartOverxyz Massive Mulitpayer on and offline game.

    BCENTERD.06: Occupy Your House

    There are places is your house you have never walked before, stood before, looked before or put things before.


    Find these places. Walk in them. Stand in them. Put things in places you have never put things before.


    These places may be high or low.


    For example I have never been in the space between my refrigerator and the door. It is small. I have never stood inside the cleaning closet, even though there is plenty of space. Okay, now I have.


    Observe yourself while you do this. Observe your Center.

    BCENTERD.07: Move From Your Center

    During a one hour walk, move from your Center, in Your Bubble of Space.


    Let your Center move you, at whatever speed, whatever direction and in whatever posture.


    Every time you lose your Center to anything, stop for ten seconds to get your Center back before you continue.

    BCENTERD.08: Take Your Center Back from Your Box

    Take your Center back from your Box.


    You are being adaptive to your Box.


    Make a list of ten neurotic Box requirements.


    Like, for example:

    French people always need to have to have a sweet after dinner, or

    some people have to have 2cm of toothpaste on your toothbrush or

    have to start with a wet or dry toothbrush before you begin.


    You might have to ask your friends what your ten neurotic Box requirements are, because it is easier to see someone else's Box requirements than to see our own.


    When you have the list, fire your Box. Make it not the boss any more. Take back your Center about each of these ten things at once. Do each of those ten things differently.


    When you have established that, begin the experiment with a new list of ten things.

    BCENTERD.09: Give and Keep your Center Downtown

    Walk through downtown for a half hour during a busy time, like a lunch break.


    Give your Center away to every single person. Make sure they are okay. Move around them, get out of their way. If they bump into you, you be the one who says sorry.


    For the next half hour, don't give your Center away. Walk down the street the way you want to walk down the street. If people bump into you, they dissappear. Take up space.


    Hold your First Position.

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    BCENTERD.10: Take your Center Back in the Grocery Store

    Part 1. In the grocery store in line, give your Center away to everyone in line. Start by asking everyone which line you should be in.


    Part 2. Does somebody in the line you end up in have more urgency to be ahead of you? Find out. Insist they go ahead. Do this about 3 times. Don't stay after the super market has closed.


    Part 3. Give your Center away to the cashier. I bought the red apples. Are they the best apples? Is this name brand mayonaise okay? What should I make with this? Did I forget anything? How do I cook this?


    Part 4. Try giving your Center away at a hardware store.



    BCENTERD.11: Keep your Center from Candies

    Get a nice supply of really amazing candies, and put them in a bowl in your living room right in the middle of everything. Don't eat any of it for 3 months. Notice if you give your Center to the candies. Take it back.


    Your Gremlin might have things to say abut this experiment if he or she likes candies.

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    BCENTERD.12: Keep your Center When You Leave Your House

    Put a sign saying, "Where is your Center?" on the door going out of you house.

    See it when you leave you house and keep your Center as you get into your car, or onto your bike to go to the store. Every time you lose your Center to anything, stop, close your eyes, and get your Center back, then open your eyes and keep going. Do this so often that you can go into a store and come out without giving your Centre away.

    BCENTERD.13: Give your Center to a Waiter

    Go to a restaurant, sit down and ask the waiter, "What you should I eat," and whatever they say, order it and eat it.

    BCENTERD.14: Announce What You are Giving Your Center To

    For one week, 3 times a day for 5 minutes, stop and announce what you are giving your Center away to, and why. Say, for example, you might say "I am giving my Center to the refrigerator, because my Box is telling me I am hungry, and now I am giving my Center away to the cream that is not in the refrigerator, because I realize it is not there and so I can't have on granola. Now I am giving my Center away to my calendar, because I feel scared I won't have time to go buy more cream today." Keep taking for 5 minutes, then move on.

    BCENTERD.15: Teach Others to Keep Their Center

    Go to a public place, scanning for people who are giving their Center away... to anything: their children, dog, their partners.


    Have a set speech. Be ready to say, "I notice you are giving your Center away to..., I give training to people on how to have and keep your Center. If you would like to have training about how to be more Centered, here is my card."


    Give out cards with your name and phone number on them.


    Give out 20 cards.

    BCENTERD.16: Give Your Center Away in a Clothing Store

    Give your Center away to everyone in a clothing store. Does this lipstick go with my belt? Really get adaptive. I was thinking of going out on a date with this guy? (Show them a photo.) What do you think? How does he look? What should I wear to this party? Mumble a lot.

    BCENTERD.17: Intentional Wardrobe Failure

    Wear something torn or ripped or stained, or wear your clothing wrong, your tie done up badly, your shirt untucked, put lipstick on your collar for a full day.


    If someone tells you about it, say thank you and do not fix it.


    Do not give your Center away to what they think, or to the "wrongness" of your wardrobe issue.

    BCENTERD.18: Rock Walking

    Get 2 apple sized rocks, and tie them to a piece of twine 8 meters long, one on each end.

    Start at the front door of your house, and put one of the rocks down.

    Walk with the other rock in the direction you want to walk away from your house until the twine is stretched out in full.

    Go back to the first rock, and carry it past the rock that is on the ground until the twine is stretched out full again.

    Keep leap-frogging the rocks for an hour long walk around the neighbourhood.


    If anyone asks you what you are doing, don't give them your Center, make up an answer. Say you are doing StartOverxyz Experiment BCENTERD.18, or that you are building Matrix.


    Give a different answer to any other person who asks you.

    BCENTERD.19: Keep Your Center From Something Rotting

    Get yourself a vegetable, a big one, of any sort, and put it on the table in your living room and let it sit there for 3 months.


    It will ripen and get more rotten over a couple of months.


    Whatever people say or whatever the voices in your head say, do to get you to move the vegetable don't move it.


    When 3 months is up, compost it.

    BCENTERD.20: Polish Your Mother's Pots Without Giving Her Your Center

    Go to your mother's house and let her know you will polish 3 of her pots or frying pans (not teflon, throw away all your teflon, and your mother's teflon. If she refuses, watch the documentary Dark Waters with her).


    Using a stainless steel wool scrubbing pad, polish each pot til it is polished and you decide when it is polished.


    Polish til YOU are satisfied the pots are polished, not her.

    BCENTERD.21: Track 5 Constructs

    Make a list of the 5 main constructs…(relationships, power, education, money, sex?) to which you are giving your center. Once a week, choose one of the five and notice and write in your Beep! Book all the ways you give your center to them. For example, "I give my center to my partner when I think my partner should buy me more flowers because we are in a relationship, and when he says things I am embarrassed about and when I didn't tell him I wanted to be in the bath with the door locked so no one would come in last night....etcetera."


    After five weeks, choose five new constructs and do the experiment again.

    BCENTERD.22: Give Your Center to Your Team

    In your Possibility Team, get up in front and say, “Tell me what should say” and whatever someone tells you, start talking about that. Even if it's not true, talk about it until someone says, "Now talk about ...." (Tell your team this is what to do before you do it)t hen talk about that until the next person tells you to talk about something else. Do this for 10 minutes.

    BCENTERD.23: Practice Being Centered Now

    Centering Process:

    Your physical centre is your physical centre of gravity. It is located about two fingers below the navel, right on the inside of your body, a bit in front of your spine.


    Step 1: Right now in front of the computer, bring all of your attention from wherever it is (that thing you want to do, the person you just spoke to, what your next task will be, the noise outside), and put it, concentrated like a grapefruit, on your physical centre, on the insides of your body. Stay there breathing, while trying to sense your guts. Do not try to imagine it. The experience you get is Being Centered. You can do it with eyes closed or open, but eventually open them to read the next step.


    Step 2: Stay Centered and open your eyes. Keep most of your attention, 90% in your Centre, while the open 10% are being used to read. Check it out how that feels like in all your bodies. Keep breathing. If you notice yourself making stories or loosing your attention, bring it back to your physical centre.


    Step 3: Stay Centered and with your attention still 90% on your Centre, move with your eyes open, sitting on your chair, and take a look at your surroundings. Keep bringing your attention back to your physical centre. Look around at the objects, look at the things in your home or office without them being a shopping list. Take 2 minutes for this.


    Step 4: Now staying Centered, get up and move around. Change speeds and directions, all while staying Centered. Check out what speed is, at the moment, too fast for you to keep being Centered or too slow. Does moving slow get you in your head? Does moving very fast get you in your head?


    Step 5: (This is best done with people in a live group or a video call, but you can grab a photograph of different people you know). Stay Centered and stay breathing bring yourself closer to the people. Either move closer to one of them, or bring your face closer to the screen and camera, so you can look at them closely. Notice if you give your Centre away to someone, if you give your Centre to someone younger than you, older than you, from the same or opposite sex. Keep bringing yourself back to Centered. And breathe. If you give your Centre away very quickly, you can close your eyes to get it back and get open your eyes, and continue the exercise. Move to a different person. Do this last step for 4 minutes.

    BCENTERD.24: Take Your Center Back With Standing Rage

    In an Emotional Healing Process, or a Lab or in a Rage Club, take back your center in a Standing Rage.


    Pick someone you are giving your center way to and do it.

    Do it again with your mother.

    Do it again with your father.

    Takes your balls back.

    Take your enter back from a priest or any religious authority

    Take your center back from God.

    Or from Trump.

    Decide which one is more difficult.


    Take your center back from reasons. Become unreasonable.

    BCENTERD.24: Master and Servant Experiment

    Do this with someone you live with, in-person, for two days.


    For the first day, you are the master and the other person is the slave, and the second day they are the master and you are the slave.


    The slave has to do what the master says. Everything. What do I wear? When do I eat? Can I go pee? What do I do all day long?


    Which is easier for you? Notice the feelings and emotions that happen.